Learn how to manage PCOS
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Whether you are newly diagnosed with PCOS or have been trying to navigate this frustrating disorder for years, my mission is to help you improve your PCOS life with nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching.


Welcome! My name is Carrie Gonzales, founder of CEG Wellness. I have over 15 years of clinical experience as a registered dietitian and I am also an Integrative Health Coach.

After many years of struggling to manage PCOS and its associated symptoms myself, I have decided to share what I have learned with others who are struggling with this disorder. PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is an endocrine disorder that affects 10-15% of all women. It can lead to complications including infertility, obesity, hair and skin issues, anxiety, depression, endometrial cancer, type 2 diabetes, as well as a host of other conditions.

I struggled for years trying to navigate PCOS, seeking any information I could find. It seemed the only information provided by medical professionals were recommendations for birth control which created other problems for me. A couple of doctors diagnosed me with endometriosis, and I was told I would have difficulty getting pregnant. It was all very confusing, and it has taken years to find my way with PCOS. Perhaps you have experienced similar situations.

I spent many years researching everything I could find out about PCOS. For me, I knew the uncontrolled weight gain was more than a diet issue. I advanced my studies to become a certified health coach. Through a holistic approach, I have managed to regulate my periods without prescription medication, battle cravings, and improve my physical and mental well-being. Yes, healthy living with PCOS includes a solid nutritional foundation, but equally important is addressing lifestyle behaviors.

My goal is to help others wade through the confusion of their PCOS diagnosis and bring more PCOS awareness in general. Many women are silently struggling through this alone and may not even know they have this disorder. At this time, there is no cure for PCOS and unfortunately there is not a lot of information available about it either.

Carrie Gonzales


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Why Should You Work With Me?

I provide a unique, tailored approach recognizing one-size-fits-all does not apply to women with PCOS. In addition, since I have PCOS myself, I can relate to the frustration and confusion that goes along with this diagnosis. I am also aware that no two women are alike and will work collaboratively with you to identify and create your own personalized plan. I offer a supportive, judgement-free environment where you can feel comfortable sharing your story with me. Together we will unlock the pathways to a healthier life.

My Commitment:

I am continually educating myself and I work with a network of professionals who have the collective goal of bringing PCOS education and research to the medical community and women with this disorder.

What To Expect In Working With Me:

PCOS takes on many different characteristics. I want to know you beyond this disorder. In addition to providing nutrition support, together we will target other areas of your life to address overall well-being. These include stressors, relationships, career, sleep patterns, and beyond.

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